GST Billing App

Just Billing mobile billing app automates your retail or restaurant business. This intuitive GST invoicing app does not require you to have any technical knowledge. Just with few taps generate GST invoice for your customers.
Just Billing makes inventory and customer management easy, alongside billing. And this app runs on smartphones and tablets, thereby making your business mobile and look more smart and tech-savvy. This app is a perfect match for small and medium businesses.

GST Billing

Tap to bill! Yes it’s that easy and time saving. Simply tap on a product to add it to the cart and tap on the payment button to complete a transaction. Everything else like calculating complex GST, updating inventory, posting in accounts etc. are automatically done. So accuracy issues will no more be a problem.
Also improve your business image by sending GST invoices to your customer via SMS or Email. But, if your business requires, you can also provide printed GST invoice to your customers.
Accept partial/advance/full payment from your customers with the multiple payment modes like cash, card, coupon or a combination of these. You may also provide seasonal discounts to your customer to build loyalty and retain happy customers.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management wasn’t this easy before. Just Billing helps you manage your inventory accurately, prevent its misuse and save your valuable time.
Update your inventory whenever stock comes, it automatically keeps calculating as per the usage. It gives you a notification, if any of your products are out of stock. Based on it, you can order/ pre-order or transfer the stock from one store to another. From back office portal, you will be able to verify stock updates, adjustments, stock transfer etc. Auto-inventory saves your manual effort, gives error-free stock updates and helps you with skillful organization of your store.
Along with it, Just Billing also provides you comprehensive & actionable reports on your sales, purchase, expenses and GST compliances.

Accounting Compliances

A business cannot run without accounting. But, after managing all the hassles to grow your business, you will find little time to invest towards the finances. With Just Billing don’t worry about complicated accounting and GST rules. Just Billing GST Software makes GST Filing and GST Compliances with single click.
It helps maintain income and expenses, make trade analysis and determine if your business is doing well or if you need to work on some improvement statistics. You will also know if financial reconciliation is necessary.
Furthermore, the multi-user facility restricts from accessing information not necessary for completing their job. All of these features provide you the ability to stay in full control of the financial aspect of your business.

Billing App Features

Enjoy the advantages of working on a billing app, with the easy to use hardware. This intuitive platform makes it even easier to use the app.

Customer & loyalty

Know your regular customers, offer them special deals and loyalty programs to retain more customers.

Print, Email or SMS

Select a GST invoice template from professional formats. SMS, email or print bills for your customers.

Hardware integration

Take advantage of the system’s ability to connect Bluetooth printers, USB barcode scanners and card readers.

Payment tracking

Advanced customer payment options like partial, cash, card, coupons, on credit, cheque and customer loyalty.

Reports & analysis

Go through 50+ inbuilt reports to have an overview on billing, payment, inventory and accounting.

Cloud back office portal

Integrated cloud back office helps to manage inventory, Procurement and accounts

Online & offline mode

Just Billing is smart enough to work with and without Internet, irrespective of where you are.

Multi location

Multi-chain and multi-user login allows business mapping and greater control.

Business Verticals - Are you ready?

Justbilling app can be used by Quick service restaurants (QSR) and Retail stores to simplify billing, operations, manage Inventory while reduce cost and increase profitability.

  • Restaurant Mobile POS

    Quick Service Restaurants

    Manage queues efficiently and appease more customers

  • Coffee shop billing software

    Coffee Shop Billing Software

    Offer paperless bill and awe your customers

  • Bakery point of sale

    Bakery Billing Software

    Add customer feedback, determine the menu

  • Spa and Salon software

    Salon and Spa

    Use modern technology to attract more customers using Salon software.

  • Boutique billing softwares


    Send SMS bill, do what no one else did in your profession

  • printing billing software

    Printing Press

    Keep track of raw materials, sales and receivables to improve your profit

  • SMS Ticketing App

    Ticketing Counters

    Manage queue and opt for SMS ticketing. Go Green!

  • Billing App for professionals

    Professional Services

    Start using Just Billing and look even more professional


Get started with the free invoice app or the Lite version for unlimited access or choose the Professional version that comes with the additional feature of back office management!

Just Billing FREE POS

One Year / 25 invoices per day

  • Billing, Orders, Invoices, Estimates
  • Manage products & customers
  • Inventory management
  • Reports & analytic
  • Single user support

Just Billing Professional

21,240 33% discount
/year (15 days free)

  • All features of LITE with
  • Loyalty reward program
  • Purchase management
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Real-time web portal

All price are inclusive of 18% GST

Check out the compete feature details of Just Billing LITE Vs. PROFESSIONAL

FAQ - Mobile Billing App

FAQ Mobile Billing App

What is Just Billing Mobile App?

JustBilling Mobile App is ready-to-use business app that enables you to conveniently print invoices, monitor sales, manage your customers, manage your inventory and also check and export reports.

Why should I use Just Billing Mobile App?

JustBilling mobile app enables you to efficiently manage your customers, sales, inventory and Accounts. As a business you must consider using Just Billing to –
1. Save time
2. Improve business image
3. Get organized
4. Increase profitability
5. Attract more customers
6. Prevent misuse
7. Improve accuracy
8. Reconcile daily/weekly/monthly
9. Carry your business on mobile
10. Easy to use

Who can use Just Billing Mobile App?

Any business single or multiple location specialty Take away Restaurants, Self service QSR, Ice cream parlor, Coffee shop, Bakery, Retail stores, Beauty & Saloons, Boutique, Meat shop, Printing press, Ticketing counter, wholesale Distributors, home businesses, Charted Accountants, Lawyers, Architects.

What do I need to get started with the Billing Software?

You just need an Android mobile or tablet device to start using the App in less than 10 minutes.

What are the system requirements for the Invoicing App?

Processor – Dual core or above
RAM – 1 GB or higher
Memory – 4 GB or above (1 GB Free Space)
Resolution – 900 x 600 or above
Operating System – Android 4.4 KitKat or above

Will the billing software work with my existing mobile phone?

Absolutely, Just Billing mobile app will work with any mobile devices if meets the minimum specification as mentioned in the “system requirements”.

How to install billing software?
What is the duration of the free version? Can I try PROFESSIONAL version before buy?

Billing & Invoicing App LITE version is free for ONE YEAR
For the PROFESSIONAL version we understand how important of trying it out before buying the product, so we provide 15 days of free trail of the PROFESSIONAL version where you can download Just Billing App in any of your mobile or table device and play around to understand the flexible features. You can download the respective version from the URL above.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use Just Billing Mobile App?

Absolutely not. You can use Just Billing App easily if you are familiar with any mobile app such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

What is the difference between Just Billing Mobile LITE Vs. PROFESSIONAL?

Check out the compete feature details of Just Billing Mobile App LITE Vs. PROFESSIONAL

How do I add my products or migrate from existing system?

We have made it easier to add your products or to migrate from an existing system –
1. By entering data in the Master data section
2. Bulk upload all your products, customer and inventory data in form of Excel/CSV file
You may also call our support team to make your migrating process hassle free.

How many number of products does Mobile Billing App support?

We have not imposed any limit on the number of products on mobile billing app for any subscription level, and you can manage your large number of inventory items. However, we recommend up to 1000 SKU if you are not planning to use Barcode Scanner.

Can I add images for my products in the invoicing app?

Yes, you can attach JPEG image to each of your product.

Can I send invoice through Email or SMS from the invoice app?

Yes, this is a unique feature we provide to send invoice through Email or SMS along with optional printing.

Does Billing App support barcode?

Yes, the billing and invoicing app fully support barcode scanning using any standard barcode scanner.

How many Mobile billing App terminal can I run simultaneously?

You can run as many as Just Billing Mobile terminals simultaneously as per your business needs. In case of multiple mobile terminals all mobile devices would be connected to the central back office cloud server to have real-time monitoring.

Do I need to have a dedicated Internet connection?

For the LITE version you do not need any internet connection.
For the PROFESSIONAL version you need any internet connection, even 2G will work. However, Just Billing invoicing app allows you even work offline so that your business doesn’t stop because of internet issue. The device will automatically synchronize your data whenever it gets connected to the internet.

Does Just Billing mobile work for multi-location store?

Yes, JustBilling Mobile App works with multiple locations and it makes it easy to manage your customer information, inventory and accounts from across all the stores from anywhere on real-time using the back office web portal.

Can I manage multiple price catalogs for multiple stores in the app?

Yes, you can manage multiple price catalogs for you multiple stores.

Does it work on Windows PC or Laptop?

Surely, we have Just Billing Windows POS version to avail all the features and functionalities of the billing software. Please find the details of Just Billing Windows versionfor more details.

What happens to my data if I end subscription?

Please contact our support team before you wishes to end your subscription however can download the master data into Excel/CSV format before ending your subscription. Please refer our Master Subscription Agreement for the details.

What is your subscription renewal terms?

You can renew your subscription at any point of time before it expires. Please refer our Master Subscription Agreement for the details.

What is your subscription cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any point of time. Please refer our Master Subscription Agreement for the details.

What happens to my data if my device is lost/crashed?

If you are using PROFESSIONAL version your data is automatically backed up at our Cloud Server and you can download all your data from your back office portal at any time.
If you are using LITE version you can take all your data backed up from the Invoicing App itself to SD Card, DropBox, Google Drive Etc.
You can restore all your data from the backup into a new device in case of device is lost or crashed.

How often can I back up my data?

Professional version of the billing system automatically backup all your data every day. However, you can manually backup your data as many times as you want.

Can I take a demo on JustBilling POS and see how it works for me?

We understand how important to have a user experience before buying any product so we provide 15days trail where you can download JustBilling Windows app in any of your based mobile and play around to understand the flexible features or you can contact our support team for an online Demo.

How secured is your cloud?

Your data security is our responsibility. Our data centers are from the world’s top cloud service providers and meet all the standard international compliances and governance. More over, all communication with our cloud servers are encrypted and fully secure. Also, our cloud portal also forcefully works only on the secure HTTP protocol (https).

What kind of support do I expect?

We provide 24*7 online support via email with a response time of less than 24 hours. We also provide supports via sharing desktop and phone calls for special cases would be provided during the business hours from 10:00am to 8:00pm IST Monday to Saturday. This will include issue troubleshooting and resolution and standard bug fixing.

Where can I get user guide or documentation?

You can refer the user guide and documentation available 24×7 at our documentation carter

More about billing app

Look into further details on our billing software. Your feedback is important to us and would help us grow.

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