GST POS Software

Just Billing GST POS software (Point of Sale) looks to solve everyday operational issues faced by small and medium businesses in the retail and restaurant industry. It cuts back the complications involved with billing, inventory management and accounting. It also offers comprehensive reporting, which makes it simpler for you to analyze the situation and take decisions for improvements in your trade. This user-friendly software requires no technical knowledge for usage.

POS Software Features

GST Billing

Order Management

Purchase Management

Customer Management

Offers & Discounts

Inventory Management

Accounting Management

Reports & Statistics

GST Point of Sale

Billing has never been this easy, but for Just Billing! You can complete a billing process accurately in a jiffy on Just Billing. It cuts down the billing time, which makes it easier for you to manage queue and retain customers. Click to add product(s) to the cart and then click on the payment button to collect payment. It is that easy! You don’t need to know about the complicated GST calculations, let Just Billing GST software do it for you.
There are also various payment options available such as cash, card, digital wallet, UPI and gift voucher.
Also, improve your business image by sending GST invoices to your customers via SMS or Email. But, if your business requires, you can also provide GST invoice to your customers.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory too becomes an effortless task when stock entry and billing is done through Just Billing. Keeping track of stock coming in and flowing out is essential for running a business, may it be a retail store or an eatery.
Optimizing inventory requires clear understanding of demand versus supply, which is directly proportional to the financial health of any trade.
Using Just Billing you would be always updated on your fast/slow moving products, their demand and supply patterns, inventory depreciation, dead stock and much more. Auto-inventory saves your manual effort, gives error-free stock updates and helps you organize your store efficiently.

Accounting Compliances

Business accounting is an absolutely necessary part in any business. But why to break your head with complicated accounting and GST rules, when Just Billing can do all of that!
Just Billing helps you maintain all your expenses and income and also determine if your business is running at a loss or making profit. Based on the analysis you can work on financial reconciliation and take important business decisions to improve the situation and keep everything; in relation to the trade; under control.
Multi-user facility restricts your staff to get unnecessary information. This safe, secure, accurate accountant is pretty much cooperative.

POS Software Benefits

Enjoy the advantages of working on a modern retail & restaurant management software that makes billing, sales, inventory, accounting, reporting and everything else in relation to your business easier.

Increase profit

Increase revenue and optimize cost by strategic reports anywhere anytime.

Save time

Manage queue with faster billing, auto-inventory & account update, no manual effort required.

Enhanced business image

Groom your business with latest technology, send SMS/Email invoice.

More organized

Tap to bill, auto-update the inventory and accounts, and stay organized.

More customers

Offer customer loyalty and discounts to increase the customer base.

Prevent misuse

Auto-updating feature of inventory & accounting prevent misuse of materials and theft.


Say goodbye to human errors with automated billing, discounts & complex GST calculations.


Automated reconciliation of sales, purchase, inventory, payments and GST.


Choose from the subscription packages that suits your business needs or download the completely free version.

Just Billing Professional

21,240 33% discount
/year (15 days free)

  • All features of FREE with
  • Loyalty & Promotions
  • Centralized Purchase Management
  • Multi-Device, Multi-Location Support
  • Cloud Back Office ERP

Price is inclusive of 18% GST

Compare features of Just Billing point of sale FREE Vs. PROFESSIONAL

POS Verticals - Are you ready?

Looking to simplify billing operations and manage inventory while reducing operational costs and increase profitability.

  • restaurant billing software

    Bar & Restaurants

    More organized, less wastage

  • coffee shop POS

    Coffee Shop POS

    Profile customers, build loyalty, offer bills as SMS

  • bakery pos software

    Bakery POS

    Introduce seasonal offers, control inventory

  • supermarket pos

    Super Market

    Real-time sales and inventory tracking using Supermarket POS

  • Grocery POS

    Grocery Shop

    Optimize supply and demand, increase profit

  • electronics POS software

    Electronics Store

    Determine bestselling products, offer discounts to upsell

  • Gift shop POS software

    Gift & Stationery Shop

    Better categorization of products, optimized inventory

  • Lifestyle POS Software

    Lifestyle & Accessories

    Offer discounts and promotions, build customer loyalty

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