24 January

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Advantages of kitchen display automation in restaurant

Advantages of kitchen display automation in restaurant

Kitchen Order Ticket or KOT is a written form of the order given by customers in restaurants and bars. This is handed over to the person managing the kitchen and the dish ordered is prepared on the basis of the same. The pen and paper format is gradually getting substituted by the automatic KOT system. Now, the question is why is the automated KOT system replacing the old pen and paper format that helps control sales order in restaurants and eateries? 

Why opt for programmed KOT ? 

There are quite a few benefits that a programmed KOT system has on offer. These are: 

  1. Saves time – This kind of arrangement saves time since it allows automatic capture of data. It reduces turnaround and the time taken to serve the customers. That is, it is directly proportional to customer satisfaction, since it takes you less time to communicate, prepare and deliver the order. 
  1. Minimizes manual task – It reduces the manual tasks at hand and thus the labour costs are lowered as well. In addition it also cuts down the problem of wrong delivery, since it contains the token number, which is also present on the bill. This is one of the brownie points that advances customer satisfaction. 
  1. Real time monitoring – You can have a complete control over your business through real time monitoring, even if you have outlets at multiple locations. This becomes possible through cloud back office, which links the stores situated at different locations. 
  1. Minimizes revenue leakage – Since you can have everyday sales and stock details on your fingertips, it helps in minimizing revenue leakage. For example, you will know the raw materials, which are there in stock and the ones that will have to be ordered. So, there are less chances of duplicate orders. You can also exercise theft control because you can keep a tab on the inflow and outflow of materials. 
  1. Low investment – The billing apps integrated with the KOT feature doesn’t require you to invest much. These are usually affordable and rather brings on an overall improvement of the business and thus the revenue earned. 

Planning to buy one of the KOT automated systems? Conduct research on the different billing solutions available in the market. It is because, the electronic KOTs are a part of the billing apps, which you can use not only to control the sales order, but also to control your whole restaurant business. While the implementation cost of these kind of apps is less, the annual earnings can be increased. Just Billing is one of these apps that was developed with the vision to help small and medium eateries and quick service restaurants simplify their trade. Want to know a bit more about the app? Feel free to check www.justbilling.in.